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500 Strangest Football Stories

By Graham Sharpe
Paperback , 272 pages
Published: 25/09/2009
Publisher: Racing Post
Price: £12.99


500 Strangest Football Stories reaches way back to the early days of the game to introduce you to characters of a bygone era who played football whilst carrying umbrellas and used their moustaches to indicate their feelings; take you abroad to discover the Spanish son who takes his deceased Dad to matches – in a makeshift urn; the Italian match which sparked a revolution, and the German side which brought its own Nazi flags to Scotland; and comes bang up to date with details of the Premiership player who ‘killed off’ both of his grandmothers in a desperate attempt to provide an excuse for missing a game; news of the former player turned pundit who agreed to a TV interview in his own home – then charged a fee for use of his gasfire – and the player who celebrated a goal by jumping on to a fence – only to leave his finger behind when he jumped down!

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